Flying the flag, Otahuhu, 1900.

Flying the flag, Otahuhu, 1900.

The ceremony of unfurling the flag at the Otahuhu School on 11 August 1900. The flagstaff and the flag were a gift to the school from the ladies of the district. During the South African war a number of communities and schools in New Zealand erected flagstaffs and ceremonially 'unfurled the flag' - raised the Union Jack - as a patriotic gesture and one of loyalty towards the British Empire.

Creator: Unknown
Date: 11 August 1900
Location: Otahuhu
Medium: Sepia photograph , 10 x 15 cm

South Auckland Research Centre, OTU: I, Footprints 03721.
Footprints 03721

Photograph reproduced by courtesy of Otahuhu Historical Society (5.1).

To enquire about copyright or reproduction rights, contact the South Auckland Research Centre.

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