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31 August 1906
Moving a school: Woodside to Manurewa

The proposal to move the Woodside school building to Manurewa caused considerable local controversy ('Woodside School', Auckland Star, 31/5/1906, p. 4; 'The Woodside School', Auckland Star, 8/6/1906, p. 5; '"The Woodside School Trouble: A case of considerable interest was heard at the monthly sitting of the Papakura S.M. Court on June 4 ... James McLarnon was charged by the police with assaulting James Martin, on April 23, 1906, during a school committee election ...", Auckland Weekly News, 14/6/1906, p. 26.)

The building was shifted from Woodside [Wiri] to Manurewa some time in June 1906, although the teacher's house was left behind. From the Woodside School minutes book: "21 May [1906] ... The Woodside School committee urgently request the Board to remove the Woodside School to the Central [Manurewa] site in accordance with the decision arrived by the Board some time ago ..." [p. 167]; "9 June [1906] ... it was decided to write to the Board of Education suggesting immediate action re. removal of Woodside school to central site as soon as the examination is over ...", [pp. 170-1] ..."

"14 July [1906 ] ... Some discussion took place re. advisibility or otherwise of holding some sort of entertainment at the opening of the Manurewa Central School ..." [p. 171]; "29 August [1906] ... Mr Briscoe moved that the Board be asked to take steps if possible to dispose of the teachers house & school grounds at Woodside to provide funds for the erection of teachers residence at Manurewa ... Mr McAnnalley moved .. that the Board be requested to have the school gazetted as the Manurewa School ..." [p. 174] (Woodside School Minutes Book, 31 March 1893 - 25 April 1910; copy at Papakura Museum).

In some sources - including the school's own jubilee publication - the school's opening date is given as 8 September 1906. However, contemporary records show that both enrolment began and a celebration was held to mark the opening of the school on its new site on Friday 31 August 1906, and that the first day of school was in fact Monday 3 September 1906 ('Entertainments', NZ Herald, 6/9/1906, p. 3; 'Manurewa School', Auckland Star, 6/9/1906, p. 3; Woodside School Register, 4 July 1881- 27 August 1912: copy at Papakura Museum).

The school district was formally renamed 'Manurewa' on 5 September 1906 (Public notice, Auckland Star, 8/8/1906, p. 2, col. 9; 'Manurewa Public School" [photograph], Auckland Weekly News, 27/9/1906, supp. p. 10).

See also [and cf.]: 'Early Manurewa' [letter], South Auckland Courier Central Edition, 12/12/1972, p. 21; 'Early Days at Manurewa School: A Foundation Pupil Looks Back', South Auckland Courier Central Edition, 7/8/1975, p. 6; Manurewa Central Primary School, 75th Anniversary, 1906-1981, Manurewa, 1981; Gwen Wichman, Soaring Bird: A History of Manurewa to 1965, Manurewa, 2001, pp. 43-6; 'Centenary marked in tiles', Manukau Courier, 20/10/2006, p. 2.)

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