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22 June 1939
The continuing Courier

The South Auckland Courier, formed in 1939, initially covered news mostly from Otahuhu and immediately adjoining areas. It ceased publication during the war, presumably because of paper shortages. Soon after resuming publication towards the end of 1945 it added Manurewa to its coverage, then in April 1949 expanded into Howick ("This copy of the South Auckland Courier is the first to completely cover the residential area of Howick and Cockle Bay. It is the intention of the proprietors to build up a local news service in the district, from Otahuhu to Howick, across to Manurewa, thence back to Papatoetoe to Otahuhu. The paper has been circulating for some time past in Otahuhu and Manurewa, and it is owing to numerous requests that the proprietors have embarked upon a wider field ...", South Auckland Courier, 8/4/1949, p. 5, col. 3).

The South Auckland Courier subsequently became one of the largest of New Zealand's community newspapers, absorbing a number of other local titles, and publishing a bewildering myriad of editions ('Expansion of South Auckland Courier: Newspaper Merger Completed', South Auckland Courier, 8/2/1961, p. 4; 'Newspaper Founder Dies Suddenly' [T.T. (Pete) Skoglund], South Auckland Courier Central Edition, 9/10/1968, p. 5; 'Community Newspaper Week ... It's Our 40th! [etc.]' [special supplement], Central Courier, 16/10/1979, South Auckland Section, pp. 25-44; V.I. Sedal, A Brief History of Otahuhu, Otahuhu, 1982, p. 33; 'Len Simpson - 25 Years at Courier Helm', Manukau Courier, 20/12/1983, p. 3; 'Manukau Courier' [feature], Manukau Courier, 10/10/1989, pp. 25-50, 71-2 (esp. Steve Arlington, 'Origin of the Courier', p. 32).

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